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VoIP Threat Intelligence comprises two products delivered to Velona Systems:

VoIP Watcher and VoIP Cracker.

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VoIP Watcher and VoIP Cracker provide detailed reports on the attacks or vulnerabilities of VoIP networks.

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VoIP Watcher aims to detect strange patterns when monitoring the voice over IP traffic on a customer's network. These patterns can indicate an ongoing attack and the customer is alerted via SMS or email, depending on the threat's severity.

It can identify and protect the customer's network from malformed messages, unknown devices, port scanning, blacklisted numbers and geographic locations, call attempts to known toll fraud or premium numbers, wangiri calls, nuisance calling, maximum simultaneous calls, failed login attempts, mass calling, or message flooding.

VoIP Cracker allows the customer to know if their VoIP system is liable to any attacks. This is achieved by submitting the customer’s network to several attacks in order to identify possible vulnerabilities.

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