one gram is roughly equal to one small paper clip or pen cap.


Who we are

Founded in January 2017, grama is a software house based in Coimbra, Portugal. The core of our team has several years of experience delivering complex IT projects for some of the largest telecom operators in Europe and South America.


What we do

Project management
Technical design
UI/UX design
Frontend development with Angular
Backend development with Java
Android development
Test automation
Amazon AWS (CloudFront, S3, API Gateway, Lambda, EC2, ELB, RDS, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, SQS and Cognito)


How we do it

We analyze your needs and produce technical specs and high fidelity UI/UX mockups of the solution. Our development team builds it using the industry's most recent technologic stacks and ensures its quality combining automated and manual testing.


Our team

Rafael Maia

Head of Software Engineering

Arnaldo Moura

Senior Software Engineer

Marcos Calvo

Senior Software Engineer

Susana Lourenço

Head of Operations

Miguel Oliveira

Senior Software Engineer

Manuel Nunes

Senior Software Engineer

Rúben Silva

UI/UX Designer

Rui Abreu

Quality Assurance Engineer

Marco Ventura

Junior Software Engineer

Guilherme Basto

Junior Software Engineer

Gonçalo Pinto


Flávio Pereira


José Cunha


Joana Boavida

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